Racing Wheel Are Thrustmaster : Top Racing Accessory?

As seasoned enthusiasts in the racing simulator community, we’ve been hands-on with the Thrustmaster T248X, and we’re eager to share our findings. It’s a wheel that promises to upgrade the typical racing setup with design and technology that could change the way we play.

What stands out first is the leather wrapping that elevates the feeling of the wheel, giving it a premium touch. The layout is versatile, catering to any racing style. Our sessions on various titles have been more immersive, with the wheel providing ample programmable buttons for quick actions and a dynamic force feedback system that lets us feel every turn and terrain with precision.

The interactive dashboard housed within the wheel has more than exceeded our needs. With over 20 different displays, it has been an invaluable companion in different racing scenarios. The dynamic force feedback is adjustable on the fly, allowing for a tailored driving experience suited to any gamer’s preferences. However, we did find the pedal design slightly less impressive; while effective, it can sometimes feel less stable if not secured properly.

Bottom Line

For those serious about enhancing their virtual racing experience, the Thrustmaster T248X stands out as a solid choice.

It offers a blend of high-level performance features and engaging feedback that truly enriches gaming sessions.

Ready to hit the virtual tracks with gear that matches your passion? 

Thrustmaster T248X Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals Overview

In our hands-on time with the T248X, it became apparent that this is a racing wheel designed to enhance the driving experience significantly. The construction of the wheel feels solid with the leather wrapping providing a comfortable and premium touch, making long gaming sessions a joy. The adaptability of the wheel’s design caters nicely to various racing game styles, offering a versatile gaming tool for enthusiasts.

Being able to tweak the Force Feedback directly from the wheel during a race without pausing adds another layer of realism and immediacy to the game. The interactive dashboard displaying real-time racing stats is a cherry on top, keeping us informed and engaged.

The number of action buttons is a plus, offering a plethora of controls at our fingertips, making it highly functional for complex racing games. Yet, this plethora of buttons could be daunting for newcomers to racing wheels, indicating a slightly steeper learning curve.

After thorough testing, we feel the performance of the T248X offers a commendable upgrade for those ready to transition from beginner equipment to something more advanced. It may not be the ultimate racing wheel on the market, but for its audience, it delivers a balanced mixture of immersion and performance.

Key Design Elements

After spending time with the T248X, it’s clear that its key design features contribute significantly to the immersive racing experience it aims to provide. Here, we’ll explore the elements that make up its thoughtful design.

Premium Leather Wrapping

The tactile feel of a steering wheel can make or break a racing simulator experience. The T248X features a premium leather wrapping on the outer-facing portion of the wheel, which not only adds to the overall aesthetic but also provides a comfortable grip for extended play sessions. In our experience, this detail significantly enhances the sense of realism and luxury, distinguishing it from wheels with a purely rubber or plastic finish.

Versatile Wheel Shape

We’ve found the T248X’s wheel shape to be extremely versatile, catering to varied racing game styles with ease. It strikes a balance between the feel of a real racing wheel and the practicality needed for home use. Whether you prefer arcade racers or more hardcore simulation games, the ergonomic design fits comfortably in hands, and we’ve found that it doesn’t cause fatigue, even after long periods of use.

Interactive Race Dashboard

One of the standout features for us has to be the interactive race dashboard. The wheel’s screen offers a selection of more than 20 different displays, allowing you to monitor everything from lap times to engine RPM. This real-time feedback is not only useful for improving your performance but also adds a layer of depth to the incredibly satisfying racing experience.

Dynamic Force Feedback

Lastly, the dynamic force feedback system is worth mentioning. With the ability to change force feedback levels on the fly as we’ve tried during gameplay, it allows for quick adjustments based on the racer’s preference or the demands of the race. Whether you’re navigating the cobblestone streets of a rally stage or hugging the apex of a sleek track, the feedback responds accordingly, providing a very engaging and realistic experience.

In summary, our experience with the T248X underlines the effectiveness of its design. From the leather-wrapped wheel to the informative dashboard and the adaptable force feedback, these features work in concert to deliver a satisfying and comprehensive racing simulator for enthusiasts and casual players alike

Ease of Use

When we got our hands on the Thrustmaster T248X, setting it up was a breeze. Our experience kicked off smoothly by connecting just three simple cables to the wheel and securing it to our gaming setup. We found the system compatible with a variety of platforms, which is a plus for gamers who play across different consoles or on PC.

The magnetic paddle shifters gave us the feedback we craved, even if they were a tad noisy. It’s a small trade-off considering the realism they add to the gaming experience. The pedals did require a stable surface to avoid slipping, but once we had that sorted, the level of control was impressive.

However, not all was perfect. The wheel’s compact size might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it could feel slightly toy-like for those used to larger setups. Still, for its price point, the wheel provided us with a solid and comfortable race every time. We also appreciated the second spring for the brake, enabling us to customize the resistance to our liking. Despite a few minor flaws, we felt the T248X held its ground as a valuable addition to our gaming gear.

Pros and Cons

After extensive testing and considerable time spent with the product, we’ve found that the Thrustmaster T248X has a fair share of highlights and a few drawbacks worth noting.


  • Built Quality: First up, the wheel boasts a premium design with a touch of luxury, thanks to the leather wrapping on the outer-facing portion.
  • Versatility: Its wheel shape is accommodating, fitting comfortably in hand for various racing game styles, making it a solid choice no matter our preferred genre.
  • Controls: We’re impressed by the generous array of action buttons up to 25, including dual-position encoders when connected to a PC which greatly enhances gameplay customization.
  • Real-Time Info: The interactive race dashboard is a game-changer. It provides us with more than 20 different displays directly on the wheel, helping us monitor crucial details on the fly.
  • Dynamic Force Feedback: The on-the-fly adjustment feature provides real-time customization of the Force Feedback with three preset modes. It’s adaptable and delivers an immersive driving experience with compelling force feedback that’s compatible with a broad spectrum of games.


  • Pedal Security: One minor hitch we encountered was with the pedal set. If not secured properly, there could be stability issues. It’s something to watch out for to ensure a smooth racing experience.
  • Noise Level: We’ve noticed the paddle shifters can be quite loud. While they feel sturdy and responsive, the noise can be a distraction, especially during intense racing sessions.
  • Size Considerations: The wheel’s size leans towards the smaller end which might detract from the experience for some users, creating a sense of using a toy rather than a professional-grade racing wheel.
  • Post-Purchase Support: Some users have reported challenges in resolving warranty issues, particularly a notable instance with a malfunctioning heat sensor. Accessibility to customer support appears to be a stumbling block that might be a concern.
  • Feedback Consistency: Though the force feedback is generally satisfactory, there are instances where it loses some responsiveness mid-turn, leading to a less consistent performance compared to some rivals on the market.

In conclusion, our time with the T248X assures us that it’s a strong contender in its category with features that are bound to enhance the racing simulation experience but bear in mind the few drawbacks we’ve discussed before making your decision.

Customer Reviews

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time with the Thrustmaster T248P, testing it extensively. Many users have shared that it elevates their racing experience, providing a thrilling feel with its dynamic force feedback and hybrid drive system. The sturdiness and tactile response of the magnetic paddle shifters are frequently praised, although some find them a bit noisy.

On the other hand, a few users have pointed out that the wheel size may feel compact for some, potentially giving off a toy-like feel, which stands in contrast to the overall solid build quality. Mounting and connectivity seem to be straightforward across platforms, a plus for those who want a hassle-free setup.

It’s not without its flaws, however. Some have experienced issues with the pedals, cautioning that if not secured properly, a design flaw might come into play. Moreover, there have been isolated reports of technical problems after a couple of months, such as a faulty heat sensor, highlighting the importance of a reliable warranty service.

In summary, the general consensus is positive, with the wheel impressing most users for the cost. The occasional critique doesn’t overshadow the fact that it’s a serious contender against other brands in the market.


After spending considerable time with the T248X, we’ve found that it provides a consistently exciting and engaging racing experience. The Hybrid Drive system and magnetic paddle shifters offer precision and a realistic feel, enhancing our gaming sessions. While the force feedback imparts a dynamic sense of immersion, the integrated screen displays handy racing information, ensuring we’re always in tune with our performance.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks worth mentioning. Some users may find the gear shifts a bit noisy, and the size of the wheel might feel small for those used to larger setups. Moreover, it’s important to ensure the pedals are secured firmly to prevent any slipping during intense racing moments.

Despite these points, the overall quality and functionality of the T248X offer good value for its price. Our experience suggests that this wheel is a solid choice for both beginners and seasoned racing enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming rig on XBOX or PC platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

After spending some quality time with the T248X, we’re here to share insights that aren’t just specs and ratings, but real user experiences and considerations.

What steps are involved in the process?

Setting up the T248X is quite straightforward. Firstly, secure the wheel to a suitable surface such as a table or a racing rig. Then, connect the pedal set to the wheel using the provided cable. Finally, plug the USB cable into your Xbox or PC, and you’re ready to hit the virtual tracks.

Quick Setup Overview:

  • Find a stable surface for installation.
  • Attach the wheelbase.
  • Connect pedals to the wheelbase.
  • Connect the USB to your gaming system.

How does this differ from other methods?

Compared to other racing wheels that often use gear or belt-driven systems, the T248X utilizes a HYBRID DRIVE system for force feedback. This results in smooth and responsive feedback that enhances your handling precision in races. The magnetic paddle shifters also offer a more tactile and durable shifting experience than the usual mechanical ones.

Key Differences:

  • HYBRID DRIVE: Smooth and linear force feedback.
  • Magnetized Paddles: Responsive shifts with a solid feel.

What are the common challenges one might face?

While the T248X is a great piece of equipment, it’s not without its challenges. Mainly, the size of the wheel may feel a bit small for some users, which can affect the immersive feeling. Additionally, there can be a learning curve for adjustments to the dynamic force feedback and using the race dashboard effectively.

Challenges to Note:

  • Wheel size may not suit all users.
  • Learning to optimize feedback settings.
  • Getting accustomed to the race dashboard’s features.

What are the best practices to ensure success?

To get the most out of the T248X, ensure it is securely mounted to prevent movement during intense races. Calibrate the wheel and pedals according to your preferred gaming titles for the best results. Regularly update the firmware to ensure optimal performance and take the time to familiarize yourself with all control functions.

Best Practices:

  • Securely mount your wheel.
  • Calibrate for individual games.
  • Keep firmware up to date.
  • Learn all control functions.

Can you outline the timeline for the expected results?

Typically, including setup, expect to spend around 30 minutes to get started with the T248X. Immediate enjoyment can be experienced as soon as you start racing, but mastering the wheel’s full potential may take a few sessions. The more time you dedicate, the faster you’ll adapt to its nuances and benefits.

Expected Timeline:

  1. Setup: Approximately 30 minutes.
  2. Initial Use: Instant enjoyment.
  3. Mastery: Several gaming sessions.

What are the most important things to consider?

When considering the T248X, think about your gaming setup, the available space, and how you plan to mount it. Reflect on the types of racing games you play and how compatible they are with the wheel’s features. Lastly, consider if the HYBRID DRIVE force feedback and the build quality match your expectations for a mid-range racing wheel.

Important Considerations:

  • Compatibility with your gaming setup.
  • The type of racing games you play.
  • HYBRID DRIVE force feedback system.
  • Overall builds quality and performance for its price.

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