Xbox Series X Console Renewed Review: Worth the Hype?

We’ve had some hands-on time with the Xbox Series X Console, opting for a renewed version that promised both value and top-tier performance. It boasts a hefty 12 teraflops of graphic processing power, complete with DirectX ray tracing and a custom SSD designed to take 4K gaming to new heights.

What truly caught our attention is the Xbox Series X Console Quick Resume feature coupled with startlingly fast load times. The device runs games up to 120 FPS, powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture, ensuring a smooth and immersive gaming session.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate enhances the experience with a library brimming with games to play immediately, though it requires a separate membership. The console’s back- compatibility across multiple Xbox generations is a significant plus, offering a vast array of games to enjoy.
Not everything was perfect, though. While most buyers report a near-flawless experience, a few noted issues such as dust within the system or rare performance hiccups. However, the majority of users are reveling in a console that matches a brand-new one in both looks and operation.

Bottom Line for Xbox Series Console

The renewed Xbox Series X Console stands out as a powerhouse catering to the demands of modern gaming. If you’re keen on exceptional speed and vibrant graphics without the price tag of a new unit, this console is a savvy pick.
From what we’ve witnessed, it’s a strong performer with the potential to revolutionize your at-home gaming setup.
Lock in great value and high-quality gaming by getting your hands on the Xbox Series X Console today.

Xbox Series X Console (Renewed) Overview

When we got our hands on the renewed Series X, it left us impressed with its raw power. This console boasts a substantial graphical prowess, and our experiences with games were immersive, courtesy of its 12 teraflops of processing capability and DirectX ray tracing. Its 1TB custom SSD played a crucial role in our gameplay, slashing load times significantly and keeping the action fluid, supporting up to 120 FPS.
It was noteworthy that the Quick Resume feature in Xbox Series Console truly maximized our gaming sessions. We could switch between titles effortlessly, never feeling pulled out of the game world. The vast backward compatibility encompassing games from previous Xbox generations was a highlight, flooding us with nostalgia while relishing the enhanced look and performance of classic titles.

While the console delivered a robust gaming experience, especially when paired with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, we’re bound to note that this is not a brand-new product, but a refurbished one. However, this fact barely made a difference in performance and the Series X still felt very much cutting-edge. Microsoft’s refurbishment process appears thorough as the console we assessed operated seamlessly, akin to a fresh unit out of the box.

Some users have encountered issues with refurbished units such as system crashes or cosmetic imperfections, but that seems to be more of an exception than the rule. Overall, for those looking to enter the next generation without stretching their budget on a new model, this renewed Series X is a commendable option.

Powerful Performance

When we get our hands on a gaming console, it’s the performance that takes the spotlight, and this renewed Xbox Series Console doesn’t disappoint. Gaming sessions with this beast showcase impressive speed and fluidity, with games loading in a blink. High frame rates are the norm, and with titles that support it, the 120 FPS gameplay is a game-changer. We’re particularly impressed by the Quick Resume feature, which allows for seamless switching between games. This comes in handy when you’re in the middle of an intense multiplayer match but need a quick breather with a single-player story.

However, it’s not all high-fives and victory dances; some units have had their share of hiccups. A few users reported crashes with heavy-duty games, but these instances seem few and far between. For the most part, the refurbished Series X runs like a well-oiled machine, giving new-in-box units a run for their money. It’s thrilling to dive into rich, meticulously designed worlds with such clarity and depth—something we’ve observed consistently across a multitude of games. The sound output enhances this experience, making every in-game explosion and orchestral score come alive.

Our verdict stands; this device holds its ground firmly and confidently. While no tech is perfect, the negatives here are overshadowed by a mostly stellar performance that could give brand-new consoles a reason to look over their shoulders.

Next-Level Gaming Speed

In our hands-on experience with the refurbished Xbox Series X, we noticed remarkable performance improvements in-game loading times and overall speed. Thanks to its custom NVMe SSD, games boomed to life almost instantaneously, with minimally invasive load times that traditionally would have halted the action. Even expansive and dense gaming worlds are rendered at a pace that keeps us deep in immersion without frustration.

Quick Resume proved to be a game-changer, allowing us to switch between titles efficiently without the typical wait times we’ve come to expect. The frame rates maintained a steady climb, especially notable when games ran up to 120 FPS, showing off the console’s power and the efficacy of the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Some users reported occasional crashes when diving into more demanding games like Starfield, which could be a concern for those eager to push the console to its limits. Despite these rare instances, the majority of our gaming sessions were seamless, reinforcing the capabilities of this revitalized machine.

In conclusion, while the Xbox Series X offers an impressive leap in speed and gameplay smoothness, potential mishaps with intensive titles may require attention. Overall, for gamers looking for a fast console experience without the brand-new price tag, this renewed model stands as a formidable option.

Expansive Game Library

In our time with the Xbox Series X, we’ve noticed that the game library is nothing short of impressive. There’s a treasure trove of games available, ranging from bleeding-edge titles to beloved classics. The Game Pass Ultimate takes this a notch higher by offering a constantly updating selection of games. We appreciate the diversity in the library, which means whether you’re into futuristic space odysseys or down-to-earth racing thrills, there’s something for everyone.

One aspect we find particularly beneficial is the inclusion of new releases on launch day. The excitement of diving into games like “Starfield” and “Forza Motorsport” without any delay is a real treat. Plus, having access to evergreen hits such as “Minecraft Legends” and “Halo Infinite” enhances the value of the gaming experience.

While exploring the various titles, we also experienced the console’s capability to handle different genres with ease. The range and quality of the games truly showcase the power of this renewed Xbox, providing both an expansive library and a seamless play experience. The varied game selection appears well-poised to cater to a broad audience, keeping the gaming experience fresh and engaging for a long time.

Refurbished Value

We recently had the chance to experience the renewed Xbox Series X Console. Purchasing refurbished products can be quite a gamble, but this console performs admirably, giving new life to the idea of valuing sustainable, cost-effective gaming options. With an average rating of 4.1 from a decent sample of 385 total ratings, it’s clear that many users are finding renewed models to be a solid investment.

In many cases, this renewed console arrives in the original packaging, suggesting a level of care in the refurbishment process. A common praise among users is the ‘like-new’ performance, with the console running quietly and smoothly. The generous storage capacity and the absence of crashes during gameplay, alongside the visual appeal of the hardware, reinforces the notion that going the refurbished route doesn’t mean compromising on quality or experience.

Despite the positives, some users have reported dust accumulation and minor aesthetic blemishes, but these seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Importantly, issues like crashing with certain games or experiencing technical glitches are highlighted seldom, yet they’re crucial considerations for potential buyers weighing the odds.

Our recent sessions with the console have been trouble-free, and the games, including demanding titles, run seamlessly. We’ve found the device to be an excellent proposition for those looking to get their hands on current-gen hardware without the full price tag, especially when it performs comparably to new units. Refurbished can indeed be a savvy choice, and in this case, a notably reliable one.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to game consoles, we often have high expectations, especially with something as well-known as the Xbox Series X. We recently got our hands on a renewed model and have been thoroughly testing it out to see how it stacks up.


  • Powerful Performance: The console definitely lives up to its reputation as one of the most powerful on the market. The 12 teraflops of processing power and DirectX ray tracing mean games look stunning, and the 4K gaming is a visual treat.
  • Quick Resume Feature: Jumping back into action is lightning-fast thanks to the Quick Resume feature. It’s a game-changer for us, allowing seamless switching between multiple games.
  • Load Times: With the custom 1TB SSD, games load incredibly quickly, which means less waiting and more playing.
  • Game Pass Ultimate: Access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate turns the console into a comprehensive gaming library. We’re enjoying a wide variety of games, including some of the latest titles on release day.
  • Sound Quality: The audio experience is immersive, with dynamic sound that heightens the gaming experience.
  • Condition: Despite being renewed, our console arrived looking almost like new, with very few signs of use.


  • Refurbished Quality Variances: While our experience has been positive, there are reports of quality inconsistencies. Some units have arrived with minor damages, like a dusty heat sink that required a cleaning.
  • Occasional Crashes: A few users have faced crashes with new game releases, which can be quite frustrating. Although rebooting has resolved issues for some, it’s not ideal.
  • Packaging Concerns: A couple of mentions about packaging being slightly worse for wear were noted, though this seems a minor issue when the console itself is in good shape.

After spending some quality time with our renewed Xbox Series X, we’re generally impressed by its performance and condition. It can offer excellent value for those who aren’t set on purchasing brand-new. Just keep in mind that as with any renewed product, there might be slight variations in what you receive.

Customer Experiences

In our journey with the refurbished Xbox Series X, we’ve found it to generally exceed consumer expectations for a renewed product. Many customers have remarked on its performance being on par with a brand-new unit, emphasizing its quiet operation and ample storage for games and apps. A sense of satisfaction is clear among users who’ve secured a console without the full price tag.

While the majority report a seamless experience, it’s not without occasional hiccups. A few have encountered some dust within the console, which, while manageable with basic cleaning, indicates the variable quality of a renewed item. On a more positive note, even with minor exterior box damage during shipping, the console itself often arrives in impressive condition.

The real sticking point comes from a minority of users facing technical troubles, such as system crashes with specific games—a risk inherent to refurbished electronics. However, for those seeking value and willing to navigate these potential issues, our findings suggest that this Xbox Series X hits a sweet spot between performance and price.


Having spent some quality time with the refurbished Xbox Series X, we’ve gathered that it stands up quite well against expectations. Many users praised its condition, often remarking that it felt like new rather than refurbished. The performance also seemed to meet the standards of a brand-new console, with a lot of space for games and apps, and no significant issues with crashes for the majority.

However, it’s not without its hiccups. One user reported having trouble with consistent crashes, suggesting that experiences can vary. The dust inside some units raises a minor concern about the thoroughness of the refurbishing process. While that was an isolated case and easily resolved, it’s a reminder that these units aren’t fresh off the production line.

We can confidently say the Series X, in its renewed form, offers a great alternative to buying new, especially when it comes with a satisfactory performance at a reduced cost. If you’re comfortable with the idea of a console that’s had a previous life, this could be a smart buy—all things considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we’re in the market for tech, especially something as coveted as a renewed Xbox Series X console, it’s natural to have questions. Drawing from personal experience and thorough research, we hope to shed light on some of the queries you might have. Here, we discuss the expectations and nuances of owning a renewed Xbox Series X to help you make an informed decision.

What should I expect when purchasing a renewed Xbox Series X console?

When purchasing a renewed Xbox Series X, expect to receive a console that has been previously owned but restored to working condition. The refurbishment process generally includes thorough cleaning, inspection, and testing to ensure it meets quality standards. In the box, you’ll find the console itself, a wireless controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, a power cable, and batteries for the controller. While it may not be fresh out of the factory, these consoles offer a cost-effective alternative with performance akin to a new unit.

How does a certified refurbished Xbox Series X compare to a brand-new unit?

A certified refurbished Xbox Series X should function similarly to a new unit, having undergone a professional refurbishing process. It has the same core features – 12 teraflops of processing power, DirectX ray tracing, and the custom SSD for snappy load times. The primary difference might be minimal cosmetic wear, although this isn’t always noticeable. Plus, it’s a more wallet-friendly option compared to its brand-new counterpart.

Are there any warranty options for a refurbished Xbox Series X console?

Refurbished Xbox Series X consoles often come with a limited warranty. This warranty generally covers any defects in materials or workmanship, giving you peace of mind. It’s critical to verify the warranty details upon purchase, as coverage lengths can vary based on where it’s refurbished and sold.

What are the common differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S in refurbished condition?

Between the refurbished Xbox Series X and Series S, the most noticeable differences lie in their performance and physical design. The Series X, which we’ve extensively used, is more potent with superior graphics and faster load times, thanks to its advanced architecture. It is also physically larger in stature. The Series S, while more compact and less powerful, still delivers a quality gaming experience. Both consoles come refurbished with necessary accessories, but the Series X’s enhancements make it the prime choice for hardcore gamers.

How do customer experiences with refurbished Xbox Series X consoles from Amazon and GameStop compare?

Based on customer feedback, refurbished Xbox Series X consoles bought from Amazon and GameStop offer satisfactory experiences, though individual reviews may vary. From Amazon, customers note the quick delivery and condition likened to new. GameStop patrons report a high level of satisfaction with the console’s performance despite some isolated issues. Both retailers seem reliable for sourcing a renewed console.

Is it worth investing in a refurbished Xbox Series X instead of the PlayStation 5?

Choosing between a refurbished Xbox Series X and a brand-new PlayStation 5 hinges on individual preference. A refurbished Series X provides exceptional value, with top-tier performance and a lower cost. The PlayStation 5 has exclusive titles and features, but the cost is significantly higher. We’ve found the Xbox Game Pass to be an incredibly enticing offering, enhancing the Xbox’s value proposition. Ultimately, it’s about what games you want to play and which platform supports them best.

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